Two Common Mistakes Office Owners Make When They Hire Cleaners

Two Common Mistakes Office Owners Make When They Hire Cleaners

12 May 2021
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Here are the mistakes that some office owners may make when they hire cleaners

They don't give their cleaners enough notice when their office hosts special events

Some office owners make the error of not giving their office cleaning teams enough notice of their plans to host events on their premises. For example, they may only let their cleaners know about their upcoming office Christmas party a day before it's going to take place or forget to tell them about their 'bring your pets to work' event until the day that it's happening.

Whilst any good office cleaner will be able to adapt their cleaning routine at short notice to handle the specific cleaning work that these events generate, it isn't reasonable for an office owner to ask their cleaners to do this on a regular basis. Furthermore, the office cleaner will be able to do a much better job if they're given a few extra days' notice about an upcoming event.

For example, if they're told, a week beforehand, that the office staff will be bringing their pets to work the following Monday, they can order office cleaning supplies that are safe to use around pets, as well as lint rollers that they can use to quickly remove any pet hair from the upholstered office chairs. Likewise, if they know there is a Christmas party just around the corner, they can stock up on extra vacuum bags (as the existing bag may quickly fill up with loose tinsel and pine needles after the cleaner starts hoovering).

They don't arrange for the office cleaners to do deep-cleans of their premises

Offices don't get dirty as fast as many other business premises. This is mainly because the work activities done in them are don't produce a lot of mess. However, this does not mean that they don't need to be deep-cleaned a few times a year. Some office owners mistakenly assume that they can get away with not having their cleaners do these occasional deep cleans.

This is a problem, as the cleaners simply won't be able to fit the lengthy deep-cleaning tasks into their standard work shifts, which means these tasks will remain undone indefinitely.

The cleaners may have to do briefer (and less effective versions) of these cleaning jobs during their shifts to prevent any serious decline in the office's sanitation levels. In spite of this, the office won't be as clean as it should be if its owner doesn't arrange for their cleaners to do periodic deep cleans. As such, any office owners who are serious about keeping their offices safe and sanitary must ensure that their cleaners dedicate a few shifts to deep cleaning the premises every year.

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