How Mould Remediation Can Help You Sell a Property

How Mould Remediation Can Help You Sell a Property

17 March 2021
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Moving to a new job in a new town often means putting your house on the market. However, you have to remember that homebuyers often hire inspection services to evaluate prospective homes before purchase. Therefore, a homeowner must ensure that their property is in good condition before putting it up for sale. For example, if you suspect mould in your property, it is a good idea to hire remediation services. This article highlights ways that mould remediation can help you sell a property.  

1. Document Mould Remediation

When buying a house, most people want as much information as possible about the property before spending their hard-earned money. Therefore, if you hire mould removal services, you need to take pictures of affected areas before and after remediation. The images will give potential buyers a good idea of how well the mould remediation work was conducted. You also need to keep documentation of the steps a remediation service took to clean your property. It is advisable to keep receipts as evidence of mould removal work. Most importantly, maintaining documentation allows you to disclose as much information as possible about your property's condition, increasing the chance of making a sale.  

2. Saves You Time

Sometimes, a homebuyer wants to spend as little time as possible moving into their new house. While some buyers do not mind purchasing a mould-infested home at a discounted price, the discount might not be appealing if they have to wait longer to move into their new house. The reason is that mould remediation takes time and might stall moving plans. Thus, handling mould remediation before selling your home goes a long way in attracting clients who want to move into their newly acquired house immediately. No matter how minor a mould problem might appear, have it sorted to save time.

3. More Time for Home Viewing

What would you do if you walk into a house on the market and the first thing you see is mould in the bathroom? The chances are high that you will bolt out. And this is precisely what a potential homebuyer will do—denying you the opportunity to give them a full tour of the house. If it keeps happening, it is improbable that you will find a buyer anytime soon. By removing mould from your home before putting it on the market, you get a chance to take buyers around the entire property.

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