Why Would You Need Commercial Lawn Services?

Why Would You Need Commercial Lawn Services?

5 February 2021
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Commercial lawns can impact first impressions of potential clients towards your business. That is why you need a commercial lawn expert to guide you when purchasing and maintaining your lawn. Here's what you need to know about commercial lawn services:

Helping You Choose the Right Commercial Lawn

When you are in the market for a lawn, you do not want to make a mistake of choosing the wrong one. You might most likely be looking for specific features; for example, colour, texture, appearance or maintenance requirements.

Contact a commercial lawn specialist to help you choose a lawn based on your needs. The specialist may also consider factors that you might not have thought of, for example, the climate of your locality; this is important because it ensures you choose a lawn that will look great in all weather conditions.

A commercial lawn specialist will also help you choose a lawn that is resistant to various diseases, and that does not require you to be highly involved in taking care of it (low maintenance lawn). This means you won't be required to mow it frequently because it does not grow long or you won't be required to water or apply fertiliser frequently.

You should, however, note that you might have to compromise on some features sometimes. For example, a particular lawn might have all the features you need (great colour in all seasons, resistant to most diseases, great texture for your needs, etc.), but it might have high maintenance. In such a case, let your commercial lawn specialist help you make maintenance easier; you might require to install some automated fixtures like automated sprinklers, hire a lawn maintenance specialist and also create a lawn maintenance schedule.

Professional Lawn Care (Fertiliser and Pesticides)

Your lawn needs professional care to retain its elegant, green and fresh appearance. This may include the application of fertiliser and pesticides such as herbicides, animal repellents, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, etc. You may not have the required skills, knowledge or experience to handle, meaning you need commercial lawn services.

Hire a commercial lawn care company to carry out these services regularly. This will not cost you much and will guarantee professional and high-quality commercial lawn services. You can also have the company teach or train you how to do it. Weigh your options and costs to find out what is more feasible and economical for you. You might want to consider how big your lawn is, whether you have time to carry out lawn care activities and still handle important and urgent business matters, how much it might cost you to hire a permanent employee to care for your lawn, etc.  

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