3 Areas That Businesses Must Include in a Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

3 Areas That Businesses Must Include in a Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist

7 January 2021
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Commercial cleaning services play an integral role in keeping office spaces clean, improving productivity, and ensuring that customers are comfortable. Typically, professional cleaning services use a checklist to ensure that every agreed area is covered. However, some areas might not be included in a checklist but are equally crucial to the overall cleanliness. This article highlights the areas of concern and the reasons why commercial cleaning service providers cover them.

Appliances Cleaning

Most businesses ignore appliances when hiring commercial cleaning services. Closed kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and cookers, have become standard additions in commercial offices. They help employees prepare meals in the office rather than go out of business premises, saving time and enhancing overall productivity. Notably, the appliances get dirty over time and attract pests, such as roaches and ants, to office space. If you do not include appliances in a commercial cleaner's checklist, the chances are high that they will remain in the same state when you go back to the office. Therefore, always ensure that a service provider cleans all meal preparation appliances in the office regardless of how clean they look.

Air Conditioning Appliances

Ceiling, pedestal, desk fans, and other air conditioning equipment are standard features in Australian offices. The blades and vents on the appliances collect dust over time, affecting air quality in the workplace. Since dust mainly collects behind the blades, it is easy to assume that the fans are clean when they are not. Therefore, even if you believe that your air conditioning appliances are clean, ask a service provider to dust them during every cleaning cycle. It preserves internal air quality at the workplace to the recommended standards. Besides, it prevents legal action by employees in certain industries, such as chemicals production.

Emptying Trash Can

Bins are mandatory for any business premise since they ensure that staff and customers do not throw litter on the floor. As commercial cleaning services attend to your office, they will collect the significant amount of waste that ends up in the bins. Although some commercial cleaners offer trash collection services, others do not. However, it does not mean that they should leave overflowing trashcans inside or outside your offices after completing a cleaning exercise. If you hire such a service provider, ask them to empty trash in the facility's skip bins. They should also replace liners with clean ones for a clean and sanitary office.

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