Top Tips When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Top Tips When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

2 November 2020
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Clean business premises can help improve your brand image. It is especially so if your clients will regularly visit the workplace. Besides, local council health regulations demand that you keep the premises clean at all times. Commercial cleaning companies are an instant solution for businesses and organisations that need cleaning services. Read this article for some tips to help you choose a commercial cleaning company.

Check Their Reputation

Contact some of the cleaning company's clients and check internet reviews to understand the quality of services you will receive. Other than the company's cleaning expertise, you should assess their ability to understand your business operations. For instance, they should use quiet machines to avoid distracting your staff. The company must also observe safety during cleaning. For example, warning triangles can help prevent falls.

The cleaning company must be registered in your state. It is a guarantee that the company observes the labour and employment laws.


Check whether the company has dealt with similar businesses or organisations in the past. It helps to ensure that the cleaning company understands your needs. For instance, industries could require regular vacuum cleaning to get rid of any hazardous substances on the floor. They could also need to conduct routine air tests. On the other hand, a hospital will need a cleaning company that can handle medical waste such as bandages, flesh, blood and expired medicines. Also, the cleaning company should know how to conduct decontamination. 


Below are some tips to examine the company staff: 

  1. Consider companies that conduct background checks before hiring their staff. It is a sure way to prevent unscrupulous people from accessing your premises.
  2. Determine if the company staff observe a high degree of etiquette. Remember, they may have to interact with your clients.
  3. Inquire about the employee turnover rate. It is a vital consideration if you would want to work with the same cleaning staff.
  4. See if the cleaning team is highly organised. For instance, they should have a leader to whom you can address any concerns regarding the cleaning. 

Inquire About Insurance 

The cleaning company should have an insurance cover to compensate employees that get injured when on the job. You risk prosecution or financial loss if the company does not insure its employees. Remember, your workers compensation policy may exempt subcontractors from the cover. Additionally, you should check the company's liability terms. For example, they should accept blame if one of their employees steals office equipment or cash from your business premises.

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, keep these things in mind. 

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