What You Should Know About Mould Remediation

What You Should Know About Mould Remediation

27 February 2020
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Mould emits pollen that can affect the health of those people around it. It can also damage the aesthetics of a space. Whether you are in a commercial or residential setting, always conduct a building inspection for the presence of mould. Mould usually grows in moist areas; therefore, check around water pipes, dark places, gutters, attics, AC systems and so on.

If you know you won't do a sufficiently thorough inspection job, hire a professional mould inspection and remediation company. Here are the steps for the mould remediation process:

Find a Mould Inspection or Mould Remediation Company

In most cases, you may already have seen mould growing in a particular area and decided to call a mould remediation company. Other signs that can show you that there might be mould growing in your building are a damp smell, worsened allergies and asthma and so on. Investigate the source of the damp smell or cause of the breathing difficulties; you might realise there is mould growing somewhere.

Why call a mould remediation company when you can get rid of the mould you spotted yourself? The mould you saw could only be a portion of the amount of mould on your property. A mould remediation company will turn over every stone and find any mould that could be hiding in corners or under insulation, which are places that you have to thoroughly inspect to find mould.


You cannot get an actual price quote before the inspection is done. What you might be given is the inspection fee. After inspection, the mould remediation company can identify the amount of work to be done and what measures to apply. You can then be informed of the accurate cost of the mould remediation process.

What Can You Expect?

You might be expected to move some items out of the way or, if it is a work environment, move employees to another room so that they cannot hinder the process or be put at risk of respiratory or allergy-related concerns.

The mould is removed and the surfaces are cleaned and dried. If some items are badly damaged from the wet conditions and mould growth, they are removed and replaced. You might incur replacement costs because you have to replace things like piping, shelves, floors, ceilings, insulation and more.

After cleaning and drying the mould-affected areas, a treatment is applied to prevent the chances of future mould growth.

For more information, contact mould remediation companies.

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