6 Steps to Clean Your Car Leather Upholstery Like A Pro

6 Steps to Clean Your Car Leather Upholstery Like A Pro

20 February 2020
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Most people take their vehicles to a car wash for buffing and cleaning. However, they tend to pay little attention to their car's interior. Leather seats are part of your vehicle's most luxurious components and may last for a lifetime with proper care. Clean leather upholstery not only adds a sparkle to your car but also increases its resale value. Before you begin, you may need to have a bucket of water, a bottle of leather conditioner, a car vacuum, a soft-bristled scrubbing brush and a clean cloth. Here are six pro cleaning tips for your leather car upholstery:

Inspect for Holes and Perforations

After gathering all the materials needed, scrutinise your leather seats for possible holes or perforations. This step is crucial as any holes may allow seepage of liquid which can damage the seat's inner foam.

Cleaning Perforated Leather Seats

Some car manufacturers design perforated seats to achieve an aesthetic design or as an essential addition to heated seats for proper aeration. In such cases, you'll require minimum liquid applied to your brush rather than directly to the leather. Furthermore, use a car vacuum to dry off excess moisture.


Whether the seats are perforated or not, you must begin cleaning with a thorough vacuuming. It assists in removing different debris, especially at the seams. Most importantly, ensure you don't scratch the leather surface while vacuuming. Additionally, it's wise to read your user manual when removing surface dirt.

Begin Scrubbing

The first and most important thing to do here is to test the effect of your leather cleaner to a small hidden area of your seat. Watch and see whether there will be any effect such as damage or staining. If everything checks out right, apply your cleaning solution to the leather (unless it's perforated) and scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe off the dirt and absorb the excess cleaning solution.


You must only use high-quality leather conditioners to help restore the leather seats after they dry. Add your conditioner sparingly to a soft cloth and rub it on to the leather. Once again, check the product description to understand how to use it.

Drying Time

After vacuuming, scrubbing and conditioning your car leather upholstery, leave it for at least 12 hours to dry in the shade. Never leave your car in direct sunlight as the harmful UV rays may cause possible damage.


Leather car upholstery requires regular cleaning to last longer and have a great appearance. Consider the six leather upholstery cleaning steps above to clean your leather seats like a pro.

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